Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which membership should I choose?

    We don’t offer membership yet as our focus is managing the funds we hold and investing in the crypto space. This may change if there is future demand for it and we think we can provide value.

  • Do you provide cryptocurrency picks or trading entries/exits?

    We don’t trade, nor do we consider ourselves trading experts. What we share is our learning process and any articles or knowledge that may assist in your decision making.

  • Are you a trading group?

    We occasionally produce trading content and frequently discuss trading/investment related topics in our community; however, we are not a trading group. We look at ourselves as community building knowledge in crypto and wealth building that may help others improve their lot in life.

  • Can I access all contents and any research?

    All research and articles are available on our website and twitter/X feed. You can follow our founder on /NhialMa.

  • Do you accept cryptocurrency payments?

    One of our services is consulting for those getting started in crypto. As a result if done over zoom or other online venues, we can accept any form of payment.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

    Currently there are no memberships on offer. If that changes, we will let our users know.

  • Any questions you think we should cover, please reach out to us.

    You can reach out via twitter DM or send a message to our team email: